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We’re continuously developing new capabilities to enable your BIM-oriented, Cloud-powered, data-driven virtual design review. This page lists features that are planned to release in the near future.

Please note that delivery timelines may change and planned functionality may not be released.

2021 Q4

  • Section box improvement (Deployed)
  • Bulk import issues from BCF (Deployed)
  • Issue attachments (Deployed)
  • Custom issue report in Microsoft Word format
  • Use SharePoint document library as CDE
  • Real-time notification for MS Teams, Slack, and WebHook

2022 Q1

  • Bulk import issues from Navisworks and Solibri
  • Import organisational members from Azure AD
  • Group model elements by property
  • Search model elements by property
  • Remember issue filters and board layout
  • Issue activity log

2022 Q2

  • Model federation
  • Model versioning
  • Issue and model labelling/classification
  • Change profile picture
  • Full text search