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Manage Channel Members

You are a channel admin by default when you create a new channel. Every team member added to the channel is a channel member. Managing channel mebmers properly allows you and your teams to work together more efficiently.

View and Search Members

Go to the Members page, every channel member can view and search member details.


Add Members to Channel

Only a channel admin can add members to a channel. Click the ADD MEMBER button on the Members page or look for the same option from plus icon button in the top menu bar. You can then send an invite to multiple email addresses.


Join Channel

When your team members receive the invite, they can join your channel from the unique link in the email. If your team members haven't used Agile before, they will be prompted to create a Agile account in the first place.

Manage Sent Invites

Click the MANAGE INVITES button on the Members page to view who you've sent invites to. If you change your mind, click the delete icon button to withdraw an invite.


Member Roles and Permissions

There are two channel roles with different permissions: Admin and Member. The default role for a new channel member is Member. You need to be an Admin to change a member's role on the Members page.


Below is a list of permissions of what an Admin or a Member can do.

Admin Member
Update channel details V
Change channel settings V
View channel settings V V
Archive channel V
Delete channel V
View channel members V V
Add members to channel V
Withdraw sent invites V
View channel analytics V V
Upload models V V
View all models V V
Update all models V
Update own models V V
Delete all models V
Delete own models V V
Create issue V V
View all issues V V
Update all issues V V
Comment on all issues V V
Update own comments V V
Delete all comments V
Delete own comments V V
Delete all issues V

Remove Member from Channel

You need to be a channel admin to remove members. Click the cross button to remove a member from the current channel.